Innovation and emerging technology

Innovation is part of Navteca´s mission, we investigate, learn, and even more, explore what’s new and upcoming in technology matters.  

Artificial Intelligence

Navteca provides a wide range of customized services and solutions that leverage different areas of AI such as ML, DL and NLP to help our customers achieve their businesses goals. Our services and solutions range from near-real time image recognition and classification to text inference coupled with user-friendly accessing channels such as voice through voice apps, or text through chatbots, tailored to our customers' needs.

Cloud Solutions

Embrace cloud as part of your solutions portfolio. System analysis, architecture, implementation, maintenance and support; you can rely on Navteca to be a partner in all phases of the project. Navteca has been a trusted AWS partner since 2013.

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Voice App Skills

Natural language is the interaction of choice by millions of people on smartphones, tablets, personal assistant speakers, etc. New searches are now more often initiated via voice versus typing, and this trend towards natural conversation interactions with our devices will continue. To learn more about Smart Conference Room and Voice Atlas projects, contact us.

Using Innovation as a Differentiator for Our Customers

Identifying and helping what emerging technology will make the most impact  on our customers' mission

Help our customers' adapt technology innovation to their goals