Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,

Deep Learning

Navteca's technical solutions include machine learning (ML) applications for image recognition, tagging and classification for near-real-time analyses. This enables our customers to perform specific tasks, like predicting outcomes and recognizing imagery, without explicit instructions, by analyzing and learning from data based on patterns and inference, all with minimal human intervention.


Navteca is a Service Provider for implementation, deployment, integration, and installation of automated Machine Learning so we can empower our customers with limited Machine Learning expertise to build and train high-quality data models.


Navteca also offers products and services that leverage Natural Language Processing to help our customers read, analyze, interpret, and understand natural language data, and perform speech recognition.

Voice App Skills

Natural language in the interaction of choice by millions of people on smartphones, tablets, personal assistant speakers, etc. New searches are now more often initiated via voice versus typing, and this trend towards natural conversation interactions with our devices will continue. To learn more about Smart Conference Room and Voice Atlas projects, contact us.