ASRC Federal InuTeq

ASRC Federal InuTeq has a long history of providing information technology and programmatic support to civil and defense agencies. From data center operations, to developing custom software, to scheduling space launch operations; our team always keeps the customers’ mission at the forefront.

Information Technology Support Services (HITSS)

The Headquarters Information Technology Support Services (HITSS) contract provides integrated Information Technology (IT), systems engineering and operations, and IT-related management support services to all Mission Directorates and Mission Support Offices at NASA Headquarters. 

NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS)

The NASA Center for Climate Simulation provides compute nodes for batch and interactive analysis. Thousands of nodes are available to manage serial and parallel processing tasks. The facilities are made up of several groups of computers, each of which is tasked with a particular aspect of data-intensive high performance computing.


NASA Science Mission Directorate ESD Applied Sciences, Disaster Applications:

The Disasters Applications area promotes the use of Earth observations to improve prediction of, preparation for, response to, and recovery from natural and technological disasters. Disaster applications and applied research on natural hazards support emergency preparedness leaders in developing mitigation approaches, such as early warning systems, and providing information and maps to disaster response and recovery teams. Navteca has been experimenting with immersive VR and AR data visualization experiments to enhance the way disasters data is analyzed and communicated. This short video gives an overview of Navteca's R&D projects with VR for NASA Disaster Applications: 


Valador is an Information Architecture company whose mission is to protect and develop our Nation’s technologic, strategic and military assets. We do this by developing effective information architectures that deliver actionable information, not just data.

Government of Spain.

Office of Tourism

The Tourist Offices of Spain are the representatives abroad of the Instituto de Turismo de España (TURESPAÑA), which is the Administrative unit of the Central Government of Spain in charge of promoting Spain abroad as a tourism destination.