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ESIP Meeting The Opportunity to Create Knowledge with Earth Data

Shayna Skolnik Co-founder/CEO | Navteca

Navteca`s vision is aligned with everything related with emerging technologies and their practical applications for science. This is one of the reasons why our CEO Shayna Skolnik presented "New Developments in VR/AR for Science" at the 2017 Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Summer Meeting.

This January, the ESIP Winter Meeting edition took place in Bethesda, MD with the theme “Data for Our Changing Earth: Realizing the Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science Data.” Undoubtedly it was a great opportunity to connect with a community with something in common, the constant interest in making data matter.

After four days of valuable information in Earth Data, this was the conclusion of our co-founder and CEO, “I think that the ESIP winter meeting shows that the innovative work that Navteca is doing with data visualization is definitely in line with the rest of the data community and industry, in terms of putting usable data products in the hands of the end user, so essentially making data more understandable through visualization” said Skolnik. She also co-leads an ESIP cluster called VR/AR for Science where those working with immersive technologies for science can collaborate. To get involved with ESIP or the VR-AR Cluster, visit

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