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Navteca founders: entrepreneurs, creative and innovators. Know who are the minds behind the company.

Navteca was created to provide technology services focusing on emerging technologies and IT innovation, such as cloud and virtual reality. Thanks to the quality of IT services, Navteca develops, executes, and manages technical solutions for government clients like NASA and NOAA. The Navteca solutions team is comprised of AWS certified solutions architects and senior developers who are highly trained and experienced.

Navteca's team is led by Shayna Skolnik Co-founder/CEO. She is the creative mind and Chief Officer at Navteca, in addition to the technology spokeswoman. Included in the 2017 Oculus Launch Pad program, recently, she launched her personal project a nonprofit organization dedicated to help people understand the effects of climate change.

Ramon Ramirez Co-founder/CEO

Innovation, perseverance, and curiosity are some of the words that define him well. He has twenty-years of IT experience and more than 7-years working in Federal Government contracts. Furthermore, he was accepted recently to pitch his business idea on Season 10 of ABC's Shark Tank.

These are the minds at Navteca who inspire and guide the team in charge of innovating, investigating, creating, and materializing ideas through technology and science solutions.

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