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P2VR, the "practical" app for VR

Some of the most common beliefs about virtual reality are that content creation is hard, and requires a lot of expertise; simple things like presentations or other created content have to be published as a VR app making the process long and tedious, sharing created content in VR is limited and hard to collaborate.

Navteca has developed P2VR as part of our innovation projects making these concepts about VR misconceptions.

P2VR is the PowerPoint of VR presentations, the YouTube of VR content and the GoToMeeting of VR. P2VR eliminates the learning curve to create VR because if you can use PowerPoint, you can create VR content. Publishing content is easy; just upload your PowerPoint file to the P2VR portal and your published content is made available instantly in the P2VR VR app. Don’t worry if you don’t want anybody knowing about your presentations, like YouTube, content can be private, or public and shareable. Authors can present their content live /in real time to an audience, like GoToMeeting. Like SlideShare, published content can be made available for future viewers

P2VR makes virtual reality content creation and publishing so easy that it helps democratize VR use. Anyone can create VR content, no specialized skill needed. What are you waiting for? Try this easy and innovative app.

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